Miss London

The Miss England beauty contest allows entrance into the Miss England pageant, then possibly the Miss World competition.

The Miss London beauty pageant is a local heat for girls ages 17-24, and proceeds to the Miss England competition, and possibly to Miss World. Like other pageants, girls are judged on talent, personality, intelligence and all around gracefulness.

Once selected as winner, Miss London represents the city by appearing at numerous openings, celebrations and for many media camera shoots. The parent organization, Miss World, is highly involved in world-wide charitable causes, so Miss London must choose a charitable platform to take with her to the Miss England competition.

Miss England

The Miss England beauty contest is the oldest pageant in the UK. As the forerunner to the Miss World pageant, which was founded in London in 1951, the national competition has earned prestigious honours throughout its existence.

Angie Beasley, winner of 25 beauty pageants in the 1980s, has been overseeing the Miss England pageant and various other pageants throughout the UK since 1991. We get everyone from Tesco employees to university students, she said in an interview during the 2006 Miss World preliminaries.

  • Would be contestants must be female, between the ages of 17 and 24.
  • Entrants must hold a British passport.
  • The competition is promoted to thousands of women throughout the UK by local media coverage of the local heats, such as Miss London.
  • The media plays a large part by sponsoring contestants, and/or writing features and putting the winners on the front covers of magazines.
  • The winner of Miss England represents the country in the Miss World competition in October.

Miss World

The Miss World competition was started by Eric Morley in the United Kingdom. Since its inception in 1951, the pageant has grown to be the world’s most sought after title in the annals of pageantry. It has over 100 delegates, with its next competitor, Miss Universe coming in with approximately 80 contestants. Second only to the Olympics, the pageant has the most viewers; globally reaching over two billion people, through out 200 countries.

Like with many beauty contests, Miss World started as an advertising campaign to introduce the newly invented bikini swimwear. The media tagged the Festival Bikini Contest as the Miss World contest. Originally held as a one-time event, Morley heard of the upcoming Miss Universe pageant and decided to make Miss World an annual event. After the first competition, and much opposition to the bikini, the contestants started wearing more modest swimwear. The BBC began to broadcast the competition in 1959, and it has soared ever since.

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